Behold... The Arrival Of The AIA CF Nations Cup!


It was always going to be a mountain to climb, trying to outdo last year's CF Cup, where the final 2 teams got to play alongside former Manchester United stars Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs. But we are helped by this year's behemoth of tournaments- The 2018 World Cup!

And so we created our own version, the Nations Cup! Kinda like copying Gordon Ramsay's signature Beef Wellington, then adding a local flavour to it and renaming it Daging Rendang (Not Crispy Rendang of course. That's so passe!)

In the Nations Cup, you will be allowed to represent a country of your choice, be it the all powerful Germany, the ever popular Brazil, even little Costa Rica if you so choose. And because we are sad that Singapore is not (will never be??) in the World Cup, you can even choose to represent our little red dot in the tournament!

If your team is good enough to go all the way, a cash prize of $7000 awaits you, while the 2nd placed team (aka Best Loser) pockets $2000 cash.

The 3rd/4th placing game is usually a dead rubber in most tournaments, with both teams playing for little more than pride. We have added a little spice to it by dangling a $1000 cash carrot for the 3rd placed team. $1000 can buy many servings of Rendang Daging...

For all the heroes of the teams, namely the aspiring Ronaldos, the Harry Kanes and the Neymars, as well as the Manuel Neuers, the De Geas, a Harley Davidson awaits you! (albeit for a weekend)

What about the rest of us? The not so skillful, the not so talented, some of us even not so young.

Just by taking part in the tournament, all 12 players in the team will be getting a custom designed tournament jersey, and 3 guaranteed games in the group stages. So however badly we suck, we can still play 3 games! Then maybe after that, we can bring the team to Cafe Football for a pint or 2. Or 5.

Anyway, registration is closing on 9 May. If this tournament sounds like something you are keen to take part in, quickly send in your details using the online registration form. Our events team will then get in touch with you to confirm the jersey sizes for your players and of course which country you wanna represent.

That's all for this week! I will be touching a little about the teams that have already registered for our tournament in my next post.

Stay tuned!